Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaking the silence (on the blog, that is.)

Today's Mood: upbeat. Today's Music: Nickelback. Today's Writing: IFFY. Today's Quote:
"If you aren't prepared to put your writing first, you aren't really a writer." - Rita Mae Brown (Harsh!)

Whoop! Whoop! Summer is a comin'! And I can't wait for Glen Lake with its offer of nothing but writing for 24/7 all week long. (Along with a little bike riding, skinny dipping, ice-cream eating, and s'more roasting.)

Work has been crazy. The weather has been crazy. My family has been crazy. All God's children have been crazy! Or that's how it feels anyway. My writing is getting squeezed--enough that I think I might have to start lying. "Oh, I have a meeting for work tonight." "I'm not feeling well (cough, cough). I think I need to stay home and rest for a day."

Sigh. It won't happen. There's always too much to do at home and things at work that I can't miss. Still....

Today I was thinking about book trailers. We had Margaret Willey come in and speak to our sixth graders and she mentioned that if you are going to write a YA novel--you have to make a book trailer for it.

So when does one do that? Before you get an agent/publisher? Or after? Would that help sell it? Any of you out there played with making a book trailer? We have students do this at school, so I have the basic concept down. But trust me, the quality would have to be a lot better before I'd want to put anything out there to potential readers/publishers.

Still, something to think about when I'm busy doing ten zillion other things besides writing.