Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blame the snow

Tonight's book signing at Civic Theatre was a bust. Sold a grand total of four books and three of those were to Civic Theatre employees. Everyone told me book signings are not a good way to sell books but I thought I had figured the angles: A book about theater, benefiting a theater, sold in a theater to a theater audience. People didn't even stop by to get some candy or pick up a free bookmark. And that's with a nice story in The Press and a great radio interview. It makes you think about what it takes to grab people's interest.

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smcelrath said...

Sorry to hear the book signing didn't go well. Don't despair, I find books get bought based on recommendations. If you sold four books, and they recommend it to four friends who then buy books.... All is not lost.

And... maybe it was the snow.